St Luke – Sunday 18th October 2015 – Isaiah 35:3-6

St Luke – Sunday 18th October 2015 – Isaiah 35:3-6

Where are the surprises?

Whose voices do we not hear?

What challenges us?

Surprises – do you agree with what I find surprising in the text?

  1. The sheer excitement and utter joy for all creation. Sadly, today except for v6, we only read the parts which involves humanity.
  2. That God is on our side – or at least the side of those oppressed. And he will come with ‘vengeance’ and ‘recompense’. It’s pay back time.
  3. Eyes, ears, speech and legs all healed. Physically healed – yes. But for me, I’d like all 4 to be spiritually healed so I can see, hear, speak and go where the Spirit is.

The voices we don’t hear – What might they say?

  1. History is about winners’ voices. But these verses are about losers’ voices.
  2. The waters and the streams almost have voices – they ‘break forth’.
  3. The tongue of the speechless sings – what? The magnificat?

What challenges us in 2015?

  1. What is the 2015 equivalent of people who are blind, deaf, speechless and lame? Hopeless, lonely, voiceless, oppressed?
  2. This day will not be good for oppressors – ‘terrible recompense’ will be served. It will be good to give examples when oppression is broken.
  3. ‘He will come and save you.’ Amen Lord, come quickly.

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