Remembrance Sunday – Sunday 8th November 2015 – Psalm 62:5-12

Remembrance Sunday – Sunday 8th November 2015 – Psalm 62:5-12

I’m using this Psalm in our big Remembrance Service – a wonderful personal testimony

Where are the surprises?

Whose voices do we not hear?

What challenges us?

Surprises – do you agree with what I find surprising in the text?

  1. There’s 3 distinct topics in this reading: a testimony, an recommendation for others to trust in God, and a comparison between God and the apparent insignificance of humanity. Much of our Remembrance is about our contribution in the wars and the glorifying of this. This Psalm delivers a welcome balance. God is in charge!
  2. That God is a stronghold, a rock, a refuge; the source of hope. Not strong armies, not arsenals of weapons.
  3. We’re urged to pour out our hearts: fears, worries, anger and the rest.

The voices we don’t hear – What might they say?

  1. Those who want a more nuanced faith which includes doubt and uncertainty. A more ‘Lord I believe, help my unbelief.’ approach.
  2. v12 Those who are undergoing great trauma – is God repaying them?

What challenges us in 2015?

  1. How might this phrase ‘power belongs to God’ (v11) give courage to those in our armed forces today?
  2. I suspect Jesus might challenge v9. Loving God and our neighbour is key.
  3. If we speak as this Psalmist does about our faith, might it sound arrogant and as if we were spinning a line? Honesty about our faith includes the darkness; yet we can also say  ‘put your trust in him always, my people’ v8 because ‘for in him is my hope’ v5.

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